Ken Bromley art supplies

After a big clean up of my studio I felt the need to order some goodies for a very good art supplier in the UK.  Yesterday a large package arrived with my half imperial “perfect paper stretcher” a size up from the one I already have used for the last 3 years.  Having a spare tripod attachment, this will go on the back of the board with either a stretched piece of hp Fabriano paper 90lb or just taped heavier Bockingford, which will withstand the water I throw at it without buckling.  It is a great bit of kit which enables easy assembly for plein air and it’s also light to carry.  One can tip the surface in any direction so it is ideal for watercolour.  However, I have bought it so it can stand in my garden room so I can do some daily drawing of the wonderful views across Kenmare River.

In the same very large package…..  I have some muted grey and violet Liquitex acrylic inks that I shall be trying out today on Fabriano hp hot pressed smooth and not paper.  I hope they will reflect the subtle greys and shadows found in the mountains and sky…we shall see!  imageThe paper stretcher allows one to stretch thin paper which then dries flat and will act as well as expensive thick paper.  A mallet is the best tool to use to bash in the rods that secure the paper into the stretcher, but hubby has borrowed back this remarkable tool and I have had to make do with a little hammer wrapped in glove to stop the paper from splitting..  Now all ready to go.